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About us
Aggregates for gardens
 Cart for containers
 Orchard vibrator VPF
 Platform for orchads
 Disk harrow BDST-2.5
Mini Till and Streep Till
 Disk Tiller CAU-4.4
 Subsoiler SPA
Basic processing
 Discator with individual supports DSA-3
 Mounted plow PU-3
 Reversible plows PRXM-7/8
 Reversible plows PR(PO)
 Heavy disk harrow GD-3.6
 Disk harrow D-2.4
Preseeding processing
 Heavy disk harrow GD-3.6
 Heavy disk harrow BDT
 Easy disk harrow GDU-2.5/2.8/3.2
 Combinators CNS-2.6/3/5
Seeding machines
 Precision planters SPP DF
 Precission seeding drill SKDF
 Seed drill SPP
 Roller TIT-7.2
 Cultivator CUP-4.2/5.4/5.6(FS)
Balti, Industriala str., 4,
The Republic Of Moldova

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