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Discator with individual supports DSA-3
Discator with individual supports DSI-3     Discator with individual supports DSA-I is intended...
Mounted plow PU-3
    Mounted plow PU-3 is a new generation of plows wich are produced by JSC Moldagrotehnica. This plow are intended to plowing soil to a depth of 18-30 cm....
Reversible plows PRXM-7/8
   The PRXM series is a new generation of plows produced by JSC "Moldagrotehnica", which are based on new working bodies, production of "BELLOTA HERRAMIENTAS" JSC - Spain.    The transition...
Reversible plows PR(PO)
  Reversible plows of type PR(PO) are intended to plowing soil at a depth of up to 30 cm. PR(PO) series is a new generation of plows which are produced...
Heavy disk harrow GD-3.6
In recent years in agriculture of many countries, farmers are moving away from plowing and are performing as the main operation deep disking of the soil. Using this technology and observing the rotation...
Disk harrow D-2.4
Harrow type D-2.4 is designed for all types of soil for disking to a depth of 10 to 20 cm. The design of D-2.4 allows you to block design through the universal coupling "TerraLift", which allows unitization...
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