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Fertilizer MIS-700/1200


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   Solid fertilizer spreader MIS is intended for uniform surface scattering of solid fertilizers in the granular and crystalline form, as well as for sowing seeds of medicinal plants and forage crops: lucerne, sorgo, rye, barley, fodder corn, etc.
   MIS is produced in two versions: MIS-700 and MIS-1200.
   Construction and operation principle
   MIS is classified as a worn aggregate actuated by tractor PTO. It consists of a loading hopper (1) and two spreaders disc (2). Spreader discs are located directly on the output shaft gear (3). Transmission from PTO to gearbox is directly through the driveshaft.
   When moving the aggregate on the field fertilizers fall on both discs (2) through the norm control mechanism nozzles (4), and due to centrifugal force, discs uniformly throws fertilizers.  
  • Adjustment of administration norm. Is made using the norm control mechanism (4), which increases or reduces the quantity of fertilizer, depending with required norm or type of fertilizer;
  • Adjustment of working width. This adjustment is done by changing the angle of pallets mounted on discs (2). The plates are fastened with screws to the disc, this change is done simply by changing the screw holes.
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