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Plow PLN-3-35(M)


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Worn plow with three furrows PLN 3-35

Ploughs PLN are intended for plowing of soils with resistivity up to 0,9 kg/cm² on depth up to 30 cm for grain and technical crops. Ploughs can be used in all climatic zones, on fields without stones or other rigid obstacles. Its construction allows, if it’s necessary, to add on the rear side a tooth harrow.

The plough body has optimum angle of attack and semi spiral plane frame that allows to reduce draught resistance up to 18% and raise the productivity of the unit, with simultaneous reduction of a fuel consumption up to 10-13%. The construction of a frame allows installing angular-picking device if necessary.

Main settings (Fig. 1):

  • Working width setting. The setting of working width is made by moving to the right or to the left the coupling pipe against of plow axle (1) and of tractor coupling support (2).
  • Adjusting the working depth. This adjustment is made using depth adjustment system (3) and by setting the horizontal position of the frame against the ground when the right wheels of the tractor are moving in furrow.

Note: The main and the rest indicated adjustments must be made according to the detailed operating instruction indicated in the technical data sheet of the plow.

Description of principal working organs (Fig. 2):

1.  The moldboard. By form, moldboards are classifies in 4 main groups:

  • Helical moldboard - turn well furrow, but leaves big boulders;
  • Cylinder moldboard - turn bad furrow, but instead, intense crushes the boulders;
  • Semihelical and cultural moldboard - occupies the largest quota, these 2 types combines all the advantages, well turn furrow and intense crushes the boulders.

PLN 3-35 is provided with semihelical moldboard.

2.  The angular moldboard. On the top of  the moldboard is mounted the angular moldboard wich takes over the furrow from the moldboard and ensures a better turning, helping to incorporate the plant debris to the bottom of the furrow. Due to it, in the result plowing furrows are uniform and without plant debris on the surface.

3.  Special furrower with chisel. Furrower consists from two parts: knife (3.1) and chisel (3.2). The objective of this construction is to increase the operating time of the knife.

Simple knife, without chisel, can be exploited for not more than 40-50 ha.
Knife with chisel can be exploited:
  • The chisel - to an area of 70-80 ha (chisel can be used on both sides, in case of full wear we will replace only the chisel without replacing the knife);
  • The knife - to an area of 210-250 ha (after 2-3 replacements of chisel).

In this way we have essential increased the exploitation period of the knife, obviously decreased costs.


  1. The possibility of using in all climatic zones;
  2. The possibility of aggregating with a tooth harrow;
  3. The presence of a wide range of adjustments;
  4. Special construction of furrower from two parts, essential increase the exploitation time of the knife.
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