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Preseeding processing


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Heavy disk harrow GD-3.6
In recent years in agriculture of many countries, farmers are moving away from plowing and are performing as the main operation deep disking of the soil. Using this technology and observing the rotation...
Heavy disk harrow BDT
Heavy disk harrow BDT     Heavy disc harrow BDT is used for soil processing after harvesting various...
Easy disk harrow GDU-2.5/2.8/3.2
Easy disc harrow GDU is used for processing different types of soil, after harvesting different types of crops, processing the soil after plowing, processing soil between the rows of vineyards and...
Combinators CNS-2.6/3/5
Combinator type CNS is designed to prepare the soil for planting. From a single pass there are performed simultaneously 4 operations: cutting plant mass; loosening; crushing...
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