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Combinators CNS-2.6/3/5


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Combinator type CNS is designed to prepare the soil for planting. From a single pass there are performed simultaneously 4 operations:

  • cutting plant mass;
  • loosening;
  • crushing clods;
  • alignment.
  • Simultaneous execution of four operations: 

First operation: due to disks in the front of the unit, is carried out the process of plant mass crushing .

Second operation: due to the two rows of arrow knives is assured the total processing of superficial soil layer.


Third operation: Due to the cutter take place the process of lumps crushing. The result is a well-processed soil.


Fourth operation: due to tooth harrow, we'll obtain a well-leveled superficial soil layer.

  • Soil preparation for sowing from a single pass;
  • Reduced processing time for 100 ha from 14 to 3 days;
  • Considerable fuel savings.
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