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Precission seeding drill SK-6/8/12(FS)


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   Precision drills SK Multicorn are designed for planting cultivated crops by a dotted method. Replacable seeding discs allows cultivation if following crops: sugar beet, corn, legumes (beans, soy). Seeder is aggregated with tractors of traction class 1,4 - 2,0 t.
 1. Bin seeds;
 2. Planting disc;
 3. Capture;
 4. Scraper seeds;
 5. Regulator scraper seeds;
 6. Puller seeds;
 7. Rotor;
 8. Vomer;
 9. Vacuum hose;
10. Ground.
•  System Multikorn distributes in each slot only one grain that contributes to the saving of seed tripled;
•  Finger press wheels bring seeds to the required calculation (favorable) depth, prevents the formation of voids;
•  Reduces the evaporation of moisture from the soil, thus contributing to the higher percentage of shoots and rooting of seeds, and consequently increases the yield of crops sown;
•  Design planting unit completely eliminates the damage and the passage of seeds;
•  Convenient and fast changeover apparatus during the transition to the seeds of another culture;
•  Speed unloading hopper (30 seconds).

Separate parallelogram suspension of each sowing machine, you can copy the relief thus given the depth of sowing is kept.
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