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The project of Rural Services and Investments – RISP 1 (refinancing)

Granting conditions subsidiary loans from refinancing the resources administered by Management of the Demand line of credit at the Ministry of Finance of Republic Moldova, within the limits of the Project of Investments and Services in the Countryside.

The credit sum500.000-00 US dollars - an equivalent in MDL lei
Term of creditTill 15 years
The annual interest rate12,6% float
Payment of percentMonthly
Credit repaymentAccording to confirmed a drawing. The maximum delay till 3 years.
The credit purpose
  • Investments into agriculture with a view of development of agricultural and gardening production;
  • Investments for development of processing, storage, packing, sale and other kinds of activity inherent in agricultural sectors;
  • Investments into other spheres of activity into a countryside;
  • Replenishment of a working capital for development of the kinds of activity set forth above.
The requirement to BeneficiaryPotential beneficiary are physical and legal bodies, which:
  • Carry out enterprise activity, including:
    • private businessmen;
    • private farms;
    • the organisations or the industrial groups of any legal form which are engaged in farmer activity (processing, manufacture also it is sold agricultural production);
    • the persons who are engaged in other kinds of activity in a countryside;
  • carry out the activity in a countryside and have well well-founded business plan from the point of view of technical and financial indicators, monetary streams and repayment possibility субсидиарного a loan;
  • provide own participation in the project not less than 20 % from a total cost of the investments provided by the business plan;
  • have provided enough pledge estimated by firm, licensed in the field of an estimation, and give personal guarantees (in case of need);
  • agree to insure a mortgaged property in the insurance company recognised as bank.
Maintenance Movable and immovable means


The project of Rural Financing and Development of the Small enterprises, being the first Project IFAD in Republic Moldova, total cost of 8.0 million US dollars , has been started in 2001, and its realisation has come to the end on December, 31st, 2005. Throughout Project introduction the Revolving Fund of the Crediting which means are used with a view of the further crediting of kinds of the activity which is subject to financing has been created.

the Project overall objective is assistance to access of the Small and Average Enterprises to reception of proceeds of credit for the intermediate term and long-term periods.

the given Project is the project of republican value and covers all areas of republic supervised by the Government of Republic Moldova, including Independent territorial formation of Gagauzija, except for the cities of Chisinau and Balti.

Benefitsiary of the Project:

the Small and average enterprises of an agricultural profile of any organizational-legal form, corresponding to following criteria:

  • the Republics Moldova representing a 100 percent private property, without individual share of the state and-or foreign capital, corresponding to statutory acts and standards in the field of preservation of the environment, and as to principles of an estimation of influence on it Are registered according to the current legislation.
  • Conducting the book keeping, making and giving when due hereunder the necessary financial reporting;
  • Mid-annual number of regular employees, makes no more than 249 persons; and annual volume of incomes from sales and as the general annual balance cost of actives does not exceed 50 million pour;
  • Participating in the project declared to financing by own individual share expressed in money resources or material assets of 10 % making not less from a total cost of the investment.

the Kinds of activity which are subject to financing:

  • landing of gardens and vineyards;
  • manufacture, processing, packing agricultural production;
  • preparation / storage agricultural products (refrigerating machinery);
  • manufacture of seeds and sprouts, early vegetables in the closed ground;
  • agricultural machinery acquisition / irrigating systems;
  • livestock and bird cultivation;
  • other kinds of activity of an agricultural direction.

the Kinds of activity which are not subject to financing

  • Refinancing of existing debts;
  • Payment of duties and taxes;
  • Acquisition or earth rent;
  • Building of premises;
  • Acquisition of pesticides;
  • Manufacture of alcoholic drinks;
  • Trade in the consumer goods and alcoholic drinks.

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АCSA is the organisation of national level operating in all territory of republic Moldova. It is registered in the Ministry of Justice in March, 2001. Founders АCSA are: Association of Advisers of Development АСЕ-Rural; the Program on Rendering assistance to Private Farmers; National Federation of Farmers of Moldova; National Federation of Associations of Savings and Loans of Citizens; the Republican Union of Associations of Agricultural Manufacturers «UNIAGROPROTECT»; the Project support-RISP financed DFID and introduced by the company on consulting Landell Mills. The agency purpose is support of private agrarian sector by creation and development of a national network of suppliers of information, consulting services for agricultural manufacturers.


  1. Creation of a national network in a countryside
    the Network of PU АCSA is generated on a competitive basis under the scheme of competitive grants. For today АCSA has a network from 30 suppliers of advisory services. The total of advisers makes 360 persons, from which 60 regional and 300 local advisers – working at City council. Groups of advisers carry out activity in all 11 districts of republic from which in 9 districts work on 3 service providers, in ATO Gagauzia – 2 and in Taraklia 1. To services in consultation, informing and training have access over 50 % existing at present примэрий.
  2. Clients АCSA and rendered services
    the Major customer processes over 3.0 hectares of the earth, contains livestock: a cow and three pigs, to 40 birds. The main source of the income is the agriculture, and for the majority incomes make nearby 10.000 леев annually. In 2002 and in first half of 2003 АCSA had about 350000 clients who have accepted more than 160 000 individual oral consultations, 8000 written consultations, 20500 visitings on places, 2750 seminars and 1880 round tables. The bolshee quantity of services in informing and consultation have been given in the field of technologies, then economy, agricultural marketing, in the field of the right and social Questions.
  3. training Programs
    for 2001-2003 АCSA has introduced following programs:
    • the Basic training of the selected advisers. This program lasts 96 hours and includes some modules – technologies культивирования plants, technology of the maintenance of animals, the financial legislation and contractual relations in agriculture, management of agricultural activity, agricultural marketing, etc. In training participated over 220 regional and local advisers.
    • expansion Methodology. Duration of training of 24 and 40 hours, depending on group. In the program participated over 180 regional and local advisers, 18 members.
    • Agricultural marketing. 20 regional advisers and 36 local participated in this program duration of 40 hours.
    • Training for techno editors. The program lasts 24 hours and is intended regional co-ordinators, employees of executive office АCSA and group of advisers АCSA which participate in introduction of programs of training in quality of techno editors. Annually 80 persons participate in this program from above.

In training programs 50 persons – representatives of research institutes and educational agricultural institutions, departments of the Ministry of Agriculture and the food-processing industry and other ministries, the non-governmental organisations and the commercial companies, private advisers and foreign experts participate in quality of techno editors nearby.

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MAIB-Leasing А.О.

activity Kinds «MAIB-Leasing» А.О.:

  • financial and operational leasing (with immovable and movable  property)
  • factory with application or not the regressive right
  • granting leasing and factorial services
  • granting financially-consulting and аgential services
  • granting of research services (market studying)
  • attraction of financial sources by contracting of bank credits
Ph.: +373 22 203-616
+373 22 203-617
0 800 88888 (a free call)
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Euroleasing the Island of Island О

In view of granting to clients of the quality goods, Open Company " Euroleasing" closely co-operates with manufacturers of the goods, and also with official dealers of the most known foreign companies.

the company gets the goods (automobile motor vehicles, the equipment, industrial and agricultural machinery) which, in turn, gives in financial leasing or by instalments physical and juridical to persons of Republic of Moldova.

ph.: +373 22 21-05-41
Fax: +373 22 22-98-93



Leasing financial. Leasing of cars and vehicles. Leasing of the equipment and technics. Leasing hypothecary (real estate leasing).

Phone: +373 22 253050
Fax: +373 22 244696
the Web:


Raiffeisen Leasing the Island of Island О

Company Raiffeisen Leasing has begun the activity on December, 5th 2008, being the first company of Austrian group Raiffeisen rendering financial services in Republic Moldova. The company renders services of financial leasing for acquisition of technics, the equipment, cargo and cars. Clients of the company basically are legal bodies – averages and small enterprises, the large companies from Moldova, the international corporations and the municipal enterprises.

phone: +373 22 27 93 13
+373 22 27 93 31
the Fax: +373 22 22 83 81


GEYER & BUCHEGGER LEASING the Island of Island О

Leasing financial and operational. Leasing of cars and vehicles. Leasing hypothecary (real estate leasing). Leasing of the equipment and technics. Leasing financial

Phone:+373 22 210651
+373 22 244463
Fax:+373 22 212545


ICS “Express Leasing” SRL

Chisinau, b-ul. Moscova, 20

Phone:+373 22 320578
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