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Tunnel greenhouse type S-9


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Greenhouse type "S-9 is designed to create a microclimate favorable for the cultivation of various horticulture and other crops.

The upper part of the greenhouse has arc shape that provides better and more rapid heating of the sun&'s rays, and gives greater resistance to the gusts of wind and requires no additional fastening of the film. This form provides the most optimal circular air circulation in the greenhouse. A fairly large amount of the greenhouse is very important to create a particular microclimate, as such a greenhouse is more evenly heated and cooled more slowly, and maintain a constant temperature in this case easier.

The foundations for greenhouses is not required. The greenhouse is attached to the clogging of soil (landfill) special supports (if necessary, may strengthen the concrete).

Greenhouse has one doorway and two side ventilation system with manual transmission. The film secured with plastic clips. The film is supplied, but according to customer delivery option is possible without a greenhouse film.
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