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Grape String Crumbler FV-1,7


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Crumbler is intended for strings crumbing of grapes after cleaning FV - 1,7, is an aggregate with tractors of 60-80 c.p. with the used system in 3 points at center, with action from APP ( outlet power point).

Grader contains a reunion of 2 functions in one, wich are usually incompatible, and namely:


  • Transmission with a high torsion moment at a small number of speed of the gatherer;
  • Transmission at a low torsion moment at a big number of speed of grinders rotor.

String gatherer  is formed consists from an arbor with 180mm, that has 26 teeth with the size of 150mm. Gatherer develops a rotation movement of 140rot/min. Because of his long teeth, it’s impossible deepening with other remains like stones, and other foreign objects, except strings. Thanks to endowment of the machine with such a gatherer, it is possible to use it in all climate conditions.  

String crumbler has an arbor with hammers, the heavy of every hammer is about of 1,34kg, and a rotation movement of 1800rot/min.  Gradering room is protected from penetration of some foreign objects, is excluded the variant from deepening  knifes with mud in case of working in wet climate conditions.

Work Schedule

Located in front of the chopper pick with teeth (1) special design, constantly provides material rotor chopper (3). The relatively slow rotation of the pickup, provides a constant accumulation in front of themachine branches. When moving vehicles approaching the branch at each other, which provides traction between the branches themselves, making it loads all the branches in a row, including the branches at the base of the roots.

Chopping unit is located at 10-15 cm above the ground. On the back of the unit is installed perforated grille released (4). Inside the site with a high speed rotating rotor with hammers. Branches collected pickup, shredded and thrown through the bars. Openings grating calibrated in such a way that the ejected mass is so small fraction that decomposes quickly and completely. 

The shredded material ensures the conservation of moisture in the soil and is a good fertilizer

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