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   Designed for chopping of different boughs (with maximum diameter 80 mm), grapevine and other plant remnants at small fraction, for following pressing into briquettes and their use as solid fuels for heating buildings.
   FZT is classified as a hinged aggregate and is aggregated with tractors with a capacity of 60 - 80 hp. The drive of chipper is powered by the PTO of the tractor, and the system of feeding with crop remnants in the cutting area - from its own hydraulic system, which consists of: the tank (23 l oil), hydrodrive pump, filter, dispenser and flow divider.
   Also chipper can be installed, stationary, by connecting the drive to an electric motor, with power of not less than 16 kW.
   Principle of work
   Prior to the start of chipper work, is necessary to bring vegetable mass in a certain place (the grapevine should be taken out from the vineyard, and the boughs - from the garden or the forest). 
   During the work, chipper, is operated by 2 person. Plant mass is fed by hand through the loading tray to the feed rollers, which pushes the mass to the cutter disc. The work of feed rollers is provided by the hydraulic system, and the speed of the rolls is adjusted depending on the diameter of the plant mass (0 ... 260 rpm).
   On the blade disc are installed the knives, which chop the mass, and that rotate at a speed of 880 rpm. The cutter disc also works as a fan, which throws the chopped mass through the pipes in the near installed container or in the trailer. The cutter disc chops plant mass in small fractions (thickness of 2 to 4 mm).
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