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Precission seeding drill SKDF


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Precision seeders SKDF represents a new generation of seeders produced by SA Moldagrotehnica intended crop sowing weeding. Diversity seeding discs splitter for performing the following crops: corn, sunflowers, beans crops (beans, soy, etc.).

Double disc coulters.. Provides an efficient incorporation of seeds regardless of soil preparation.
The compaction with rubber wheels. Consisting of two wheels placed in V shape around the seed furrow closing such gaps exclude formation, minimize loss of moisture from the soil, ensuring seed germination and this helps to increase crop productivity sown.

Press wheel, located immediately behind the double disc coulter, provides a compaction quality and excellent seed placement. Seeds-enhancing soil germinate faster and more uniformly.


Advantages of using precision seeders SKDF produced by SA Moldagrotehnica :

  • Sowing accurately;

  • Reduced tillage to seeding;

  • Uniform sparting crops;

  • Introduction of fertilizers concomitent witch seeding;

  • Saving seedlings.

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