Garden disk harrow BDST-2.5




Garden disk harrow BDST – 2,5 is designed for deep refining and for destruction of weeds between the rows of orchards, and also for soil processing in open field after harvesting of different types of crops.


  • Effective processing in the aisle of gardens,
  • The lateral exits from the tractor axis,
  • Providing a small protection zone – 15 cm,
  • Possibility of use during stubble processing.

Construction and working principlebasic adjustments:

In transport position, BDST 2.5, is used as a carrying aggregate (Fig. 1) (for convenience in transportation) and in working position is used as a trailed aggregate (Fig. 2). The move from one position to another is very quick and simple, and is required manual force of a single person. From constructive point of view, harrow consists from four disk batteries, placed V-shaped. The discs from the front batteries have serrated form (1) – this form is designed for plant debris disunity and for efficient mixing with the superficial layer of the soil. The disks from rear batteries have smooth form (2) – this form of the disk has the destination to create a uniform working depth without leaving untreated portions.

Angle of attack. Angle of attack can be adjusted up to 30º using the hydraulic cylinder (3), for fixing the batteries at a properly angle, there are five holes on the tray (4), four holes are used for installing the proper angle for working position and one hole is used for fixing the batteries in transport position at angle 0º. By changing the angle of attack we also change the working depth which can reach up to 18 cm.

The lateral exit from the tractor axis. When processing between the orchard rows, we can adjust the unit in such a way as to execute processing as close to the stems of the trees, by changing the lateral exit from the tractor axis in the left or the right side to the distance up to 2.5 m. This adjustment is done by changing the position to the right or to the left side of the coupling pipe (5) on the fixing holes (6).


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