Heavy disk harrow GD-3.6




In recent years in agriculture of many countries, farmers are moving away from plowing and are performing as the main operation deep disking of the soil. Using this technology and observing the rotation of crops, plowing can be done once every four years. As a result of reduced costs in time and fuel. As well as reducing moisture loss and eliminates the process of soil erosion. These advantages are provided by:

  • Reduction of technological passes;
  • Reduction of fuel consumption per ha;
  • Increased productivity.

Disc harrow GD-3.6 manufactured by S.A. “Moldagrotehnica” are totally satisfying the requirements of the new technology. GD-3.6 is designed to process the soil after harvest of various crops, processing layers after plowing, as well as mulching.

Features of the harrow GD-3.6 that are providing its aforementioned advantages: 

1.  Replaces plowing through the soil processing to a depth of 20 cm, which is achieved by the following features:
  • V-shaped arrangement of batteries;
  • Adjusting angle of attack from 15 to 30 degrees;
  • Weight of the harrows is 3300 kg that provides pressure on each disk drive 115 kg (in comparison BDT-3 and BDT-7 provides only 61 kg).
2.  The harrows has a grinding module, which makes it multi-operational unit and it consists of: 
  • Two passive cutters – providing dyeing clods remaining after disking;
  • Two teeth modules – ensuring leveling arrays, a layer that prevents evaporation of moisture.
As a result, through these two operations are well-treated layers and exclude the operation of cultivation.
3.  Maintain the moisture in soil;
4.  Using Harrow GD-3.6 we obtain an absolute qualitative processing of ground in agrotechnical terms to fulfill the seeding, while after plowing – it is necessary to accomplish additional operations for leveling, cultivation and soil compaction.
5.  Fuel economy. For plowing are required 20.1 l/ha and for harrowing are required only 9 l/ha, so the economy of processing of 100 hectares is 1.11 tons of diesel fuel. Plus, we save fuel and time by reducing the number of technological operations.
6.  Productivity increase. Plowing productivity using PLN 3-35 is 0.7 ha/h, and using harrow – 3.17 ha/h, so the economy of processing of 100 ha is 111.5 h.
7.  More solid frame structures of the unit due to welding in kargona ambience (72% argon and 18% CO2) with copper-clad wire.


1. Using the harrow, seeding will be performed only from two passes – thus we get:

  • time saving;
  • minimum soil compaction;
  • soil moisture keeping.

2. Using the GD 3.6 harrow, plowing can be done once in 4 years;

3. The use of new technology, allows forming in the surface layer of the soil of a larger percentage of humus, the plant debris are crushed and lead to increase of soil worms.

4. The use of the GD 3.6 harrow is the ideal solution to combat erosion.


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