Sedeer for weeding plants SPP





Pneumatic seeder of precision SPP este is for sowing plants in nests,grain, at a distance adjustable between them. Distribution disc set allows sowing maize, sunflower, peas and other crops with seeds similar to shape or size, in rows with 45-70 cm distance between them. SPP seeders drills are equipped with the device for introducing fertilizers.

Latest improvements SPP

  • Moving from metal bunker to plastic bunker,
  • The equipment of seeder with gauge control and adjustable vacuum pressure of flue.


  • On request of the customer, all models can be equipped with electronic control system.

Plastic bunkers

This improvement gives to the seeder a modern design and a high resistance for chemicals.

The catching of seeder with plastic bunker it is interchangeable and with catching of the last bunker steel.This means that owners of SPP with metal bunker can apply this improvement,just buying only bunkers.

Gauge control and adjustable vacuum pressure of flue

Destination vacuum pressure gauge is enable to the flue that depending on the cultures,seeds size and other parameters to be possible to adjust vacuum pressure. The range of adjustment, from 0 to -10 kPa.


Electronic control system

The electronic control system consist of onboard computer wich is connected to external indicators and are installed at seeders.

Control parameters:

  • Speed of shift,
  • Operation of each section,
  • Density of seeds in a row,piece/m.,
  • Actual histogram distribution of seeds in each row,
  • Number of seeds in ha.,
  • Dublications and omissions.


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