Subsoiler SPA




Subsoilers with anchors SPA-2/2.5/3/3.8 are designed for deep tillage with simultaneous processing of the upper layer. This processing method combines the advantages of plowing and disking and also eliminates some of the shortcomings typical for deep plowing. Such as creating a plow sole and the excessive size of the slot.

Subsoiler has the following advantages:

  1. Deep tillage without coup formation: with five sections with teeth situated in two rows, which you can adjust the depth of processing from 10 to 45 cm;
  2. Effective loosening – is the result of the teeth with knives situated on each side-wings;
  3. Creating channels for gathering and retaining moisture in the soil, due to the positive effect of tooth sections and two rows of tooth rollers;
  4. Reduces number of operations for preparation of the ground for sowing, by excluding operations disking after primary treatment;
  5. Reduces specific consumption of fuel per hectare, due to reduction of processing operations for preplant soil preparation, as well as reducing the consumption of fuel compared with a plow;
  6. Reduces loss of moisture. Subsoiler provides processing with the creation of channels of wide track of teeth, these channels are used for the accumulation and retention of moisture at the same time excludes soil erosion.


Constructive part

This subsoiler has a simple design that will not create too many problems during the operation, and at the same time the unit has a high reliability. Active working parts: two rows of tooth sections are located at 0,5 m and 0,3 m wide. Besides the fact that the teeth are used for deep loosening, their construction involves the installation on the sides knife-wings, which are slightly higher than the bottom of the teeth, these wings allow us to process topsoil and ensures continuous treatment, that can avoid risks of loss of moisture in cases if a large time gap between pre-sowing soil preparation and planting.

The design of the unit allows you to adjust the depth of processing from 18 to 50 cm. To prevent unexpected breakdowns subsoiler’s design provides shear bolts on each tooth, that work just fine in case if the subsoiler meets an unexpected obstacle (large rocks, strong roots), only the shear blot is destroyed without damaging the rest of the parts.


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