Discator with individual supports DSI-3


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Discator with individual supports DSA-I is intended for the processing of soil after harvesting of different types of crops, both hoeing and cereal, processing of the compacted fields, processing the soil after plowing in order to prepare the field for sowing.



  • Tillage to 18 cm in a single pass,
  • The high quality of the processed layer without excessive sized boulders,
  • The destruction of plant residues efficiently,
  • Possibility of use during stubble processing,
  • Rigid construction and simple in terms of exploitation.

  Construction and working principle, basic adjustments:

Discator with individual supports DSI-3 is part of trailed aggregates and is used in two positions:

  • transport position;
  • working position.

Switching from transport position to working position is made through the hydraulic system, which descends (for transport position) or raise (for working position) the deck wheeled carriage.

Constructively, the discator consists from frame and individual supports with disks. At the consumer’s request, the discator may be equipped with a shredder.

Main settings:

  • Angle of attack. Angle of attack is adjusted manually for each battery in part by moving and fixing, through the nuts, the battery on the frame 3). Angle of attack is set within limits 8 to 24º and in dependency of decrease and increase of the angle the working depth varies.


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